About JRS

Railway Information Systems (JR Systems), a member of the Japan Railway Group (JR Group), provides advanced IT services designed to make society more comfortable.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to ensure that the important systems making up Japan’s social infrastructure are highly reliable.

The MARS system used in Japan Railways (JR) ticket offices is Japan’s largest online real-time system, providing a year-round availability of 99.999%.

The primary mission of JR Systems since its founding has been to develop and ensure the reliable operation of systems such as the Magnetic-electronic Automatic Reservation System (MARS), inherited from Japanese National Railways (JNR) following its privatization. JR Systems has greatly expanded the networks used by these systems, while also expanding the development and sale of terminals that connect to the systems. Furthermore, the company is utilizing decades of experience and expertise in information systems to develop a wide range of services for general and specialist users, in diverse fields such as transportation, logistics, and tourism, as well as in new industries.

※ Magnetic-electronic Automatic Reservation System; launched in 1960

Our Policy

We strive to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers.

Everything begins with integrity, commitment, and honesty.

We are deeply aware of our responsibility in developing the systems essential to our customers’ businesses. This is what drives us to build and maintain strong relationships of trust with these customers. We respond to customer demands promptly and precisely, and proactively propose optimized solutions that reflect the latest societal and technological trends. Our employees are guided by the principles of integrity, commitment, and honesty every step of the way.

Our Value

Our robust equipment, exceptional experience, and cutting-edge technology allow us to provide customers with valuable, high-quality services.

Our highly reliable data centers and high-speed telecommunication network allow us to provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

JR Systems boasts highly reliable data centers and a high-speed network that connects all of Japan, enabling us to provide our services around the clock. Our monitoring system constantly oversees each of these systems.

Our specialists provide support to ensure the stable operation of large-scale systems.

The skilled specialists, system engineers, and network engineers at JR Systems are able to provide a variety of system solutions, including in the development and operation of large-scale systems. The legacy of JNR has given us our most basic tenets: a sense of societal responsibility and a spirit of inquiry that pushes us to tirelessly pursue the newest technologies.