JR SYSTEMS aims to be a company offering advanced data communications services for an affluent, comfortable society.

Caring for people

Valuing its shareholders and its clients, JR SYSTEMS prospers with the trust of both parties. Inside the company, our staff reach fulfillment in an environment of respect, trust and cooperation.

Creating an affluent society

By developing and managing data communications systems for JR Group, transport, logistics and tourism, JR SYSTEMS supports a network for an affluent and comfortable society.

Providing reliable, optimal services

Based on its extensive advanced technology and experience, JR SYSTEMS offers the latest information technology with reliable, optimal services.



JR SYSTEMS develops and operates MARS (Magnetic-electronic Automatic Reservation System), the greatest scale online system in Japan.


JR SYSTEMS keeps the reliability of MARS and network system high level, such as 99.999% in availability.


JR SYSTEMS supports e-business by offering various solutions.


JR SYSTEMS integrates information systems of transportation, logistics and travel agent.


In 1986, as a result of the privatization and break-up of JNR, the Railway Information Systems Company (commonly known as ‘JR SYSTEMS’) was established separately from the railway companies.

Based mainly in Tokyo, it not only develops, markets and supports information systems products but also provides information processing services including consultancy and system integration services.

It also offers the public packet communications service on a nationwide regulated basis as a “value-added” packet carrier.

The service offered by JR SYSTEMS cover a wide range of different subjects. Some of these are described below:


Information Systems Services

MARS – Ticketing and Reservation Systems for JR trains

Japan’s leading system handles advance sales of JR train tickets, car rentals, events, etc. The central system connects to about 9,800 terminals and hosts in travel agencies.
Currently, it sells on average1.9million tickets per day.

Travel Agency System

  • Repository for All JR Fares, Seat Availability and Other Data for Travel Agency Users
  • Interfaces/Communicates with MARS
  • Provides a Full Range of Services for Railroad, Cruise, Theater
  • Tickets and Other Travel Related Products

Point of Sales System

  • Administration Total Income of JR-Station
  • Efficiency Sales of Ticket Office at JR-Station
  • Intensive Management Service Results of Ticket Office at JR-Station

Telecommunication Network Services (Value Added Services);JR-NET

Internet Protocol Network Services

Message Transmission Services

Facsimile Services

CYBER STATION Telecommunication Services for Multi-media Reservations

  • Provides information ranging from transportation to tourism
  • Electronic Mail Services
  • Connecting to Internet Services


Ticketing and Reservations Terminals
Automatic Ticket Vending Machines
Available Seat Display Terminals

Other Services

System Design and Software Development
Technology Consultation
System and Network Solution Proposition


Corporate Name : Railway Information Systems Co., Ltd
Date of Foundation: December 9,1986
Capital: 1000 million yen
Number of Employees: 630(Years ended March 31 2020)


Years ended March 31, 2020
32,500 million yen